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  • A rare precious gem puts 13% per annum gains into my pocket like clockwork. Unlike gold, this highly sought after treasure has stable, long-term growth – and it’s actually easier to get your hands on than real, hold-in-your-hand gold…
  • Although we did make a lot of money out of gold – I will also show you why gold is not as great an investment as it used to be only a couple of years ago.
  • And one particular type of real estate deal in what most would consider a “third world” country continues to bring me 60% per annum gains, while other property investors are grumbling about how it’s “impossible” to turn a profit these days.


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Elizabeth and Martin (UK)


"Appreciate the fact that Rob is so candid and generous enough to share his valuable insights to the investor.

Looking forward to learning much more from his monthly newsletter.

Rob has a very skilled way of presenting his material/knowledge THAT IS SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND.

My husband and I like the idea that he does not hang on to old methods but moves with the shiftings that are taking place globaly, which many obviously are slow to catch on to.

Elizabeth and Martin"

Daniel Scott (Australia)


"This is a short, practical book full of great advice. I never really thought of investing like Rob does (and have never heard it anywhere else) but it makes a ton of sense!"

Mariana Roberts (Hollywood, Florida)


"This guy is the real deal!! ...... He is honest and transparent and saves the reader any fluff or filler."

Alex Prosper (St. Louis, Missouri)


"With the economy and markets changing as quickly as it is, conventional thinking about investments, careers, wealth and retirement are out the window.......Douglas offers wisdom about how to assess new opportunities and create evaluation standards."

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